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Times Are Stressful! Here Are 3 Simple, Affordable Ways to Treat Yourself

No matter your age, gender, or occupation, it can be difficult to treat yourself to some much-needed self-care. Whether it’d be a time or money crunch, relaxation feels off-limits to many – even though it shouldn’t be, especially right now, when we all need to give ourselves some extra TLC. If you cannot make it to your favorite spa, bookstore, or local watering hole for obvious reasons, here are 3 alternative ways to treat yourself that are both easy and affordable.

Take a bubble bath.

Your apartment has a luxurious shower and bathtub combination, so why not put it to good use? Although this suggestion for relaxation may seem common, it’s the perfect way to recharge your body and re-energize your spirit. Plus, it’s free! Well, unless you decide to splurge on a few bath bombs, scrubs, or salts. You’ll have plenty of chance to pamper your hair and skin, while you are unwinding!

Curl up with a good book.

Do you know what most of us don’t get the opportunity to do enough of? Read! Nowadays, you might have more free time to explore some of the books that have begun to collect dust on your bookshelf. You know, the ones you bought, but never had an opportunity to actually read? It’s also easy to find used books online or borrow them from your local library branch. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Take yourself on an outdoor adventure.

Since many restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and music venues remain closed due to the restrictions of certain reopening phases, many people have been turning to the outdoors as a means of entertainment. Not only is getting some fresh air good for you physically – hello, oxygen levels!— but it’s also an excellent form of self-care, whether you decide to hike, jog, kayak, or camp!

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