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Get the Sleep You Need with Any One of These 3 iPhone Apps

Need some help sleeping tonight? A lot of us may have sleeping issues, especially right now, with the weight of the world seemingly on our shoulders. However, anxiety, depression, and other stressors shouldn’t stop us from getting the seven to nine hours of sleep every evening that adults so desperately need. It may seem daunting to reverse your internal clock, but with the proliferation of technological tools, there are plenty of apps on the market – for Apple, Android, and Windows – that will have you snoozing off in no time! In other words, your days of counting hundreds of sheep are long gone…


Slumber offers a huge selection of sleep meditations and bedtime stories that can help calm your mind and ease off to sleep naturally. Not only has the app been designed with a dark UI that won’t wake you up, but it also includes a customizable white noise machine that plays nature sounds, calming music, and so much more, in order to create a relaxing ambiance. Unlike other apps, Slumber adds new tracks every night, so you’ll always have something new to look forward to – even as you’re getting ready for bed.


A team of experts in sleep science and cognitive behavioral therapy joined together to create the app, Sleepio. With Sleepio, you can better understand how your lifestyle and environment affect your ability to sleep. Once you learn of the issues you’re facing, you are only steps closer to mastering the perfect sleep schedule, with plenty of suggested cognitive techniques that are specifically tailored to helping you catch some ZZZ’s. More like therapy as opposed to an app, Sleepio will help you get to the root of your sleeping issues.


Although hard to pronounce, the Pzizz app should be taken more seriously than its name. You simply tell the app how long you want to sleep, and it automatically generates dreamscapes to help induce sleep and stay asleep throughout the entire night. The secret behind Pzizz? It uses binaural beats and other “psychoacoustic principles” to help you fall asleep at the push of a button … no, really. You literally push a button on the app whenever you’re ready to take a snooze!

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