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Take These Four Workout Tips Into Consideration When Attempting to Improve Your Routine!

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Oxford at the Ranch Apartments in Waller, Texas goes above and beyond to improve your daily lifestyle with our spacious floor plans, unparalleled amenities, and incomparable customer service. We hope that these tips will inform, educate, and ultimately provide you with a better way of life.

Like, did you know that there are dozens of small hacks that can help you lose weight more efficiently? Now, these science-backed tips might get lost in all the noise of online blogs and television talk shows, but they are very real and super practical in helping your reach your fitness goals in a timely manner. Instead of giving into a fad diet, take stock in these four effective workout tips fueled by science, courtesy of Oxford at the Ranch Apartments, and you’ll find yourself shedding pounds and gaining muscle in no time at all!

Carb Up Before Your Workout.

You might have heard to skip out on a meal or snack before a workout. Some fitness gurus even recommend that you avoid carbs altogether unless you’re regularly running or weightlifting. Unfortunately, you’ve been misled, and research doesn’t support this behavior. Before you work out, you’ll want to carb up. Carbs are your body’s primary fuel. When you load up on carbs, you’ll put forth more effort in your workouts, and it will do wonders for caloric expenditure and muscle growth.

Switch Things Up Now and Then.

Don’t fall into the same workout routine and bore yourself – or worse, your body! There are dozens of workout types that you can engage in, from yoga and Pilates to HIIT, dance cardio, and powerlifting. Keep it versatile throughout the week, and you’ll keep yourself engaged and avoid the dreaded plateau that stands to impact your overall progress. Try cardio one evening, then some strength training the next, followed by some stretching and recovery. Trust us – your body and mind will thank you later!

Power Your Workout with Music.

Everyone has a set playlist with their favorite workout songs. Whether it’s chock-full of heavy rock or pop music, it helps get your body moving during your workout. In fact, one recent study found that those, who listened to music while working out, experienced higher levels of serotonin and dopamine, which aids in the recovery process. Another study found that the type of music you listen to matters, and music levels of 130 to 140 beats per minute gave people a performance boost!

Ask a Friend to Join.

Friends are important in every scenario, but especially when it comes to working out. Believe it or not, several studies on motivation and exercise have shown that when you bring a friend along, you work out even harder than when you are alone. When your partner is stronger, your also performance boosts. Your workouts become easier, too. So, the next time you find yourself struggling to hold that one-minute plank or you want to run that extra mile, pull a Regis Philbin and phone a friend!

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