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The Holocaust Museum Houston Keeps Their Film Screenings Going with Adio Kerida

Charged with educating students and the public about society, Holocaust Museum Houston opened its doors in March of 1996. Since that time, impassioned notes, poems, artwork, and other gifts, from school children and adults alike, attest to the life-changing thoughts generated by just one visit to this unique facility.

Join Holocaust Museum Houston for a screening of “Adio Kerida,” a documentary about the search for identity and history among Sephardic Jews with roots in Cuba.

The title, “Adio Kerida,” is borrowed from a Sephardic love song in order to highlight the themes of expulsion, departure, and exile that are at the crux of the Sephardic legacy. At the same time, the title invokes the creative energy that is injected into a culture when it crosses racial, ethnic, and national lines. It also has a personal dimension and references the desire for reconciliation between the filmmaker and her Sephardic father.

Filmmaker Ruth Behar is the Victor Haim Perera Collegiate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan. The recipient of a MacArthur Fellows Award, she is known for her interdisciplinary thinking about the search for a home in our global era and her bold approach to writing in blurred genres that mix ethnography, memoir, fiction, and poetry.

This event is free, but registration is required. Register online today at hmh.org.

Sure, at Oxford at the Ranch Apartments in Waller, Texas, you’ll find all the on-site amenities and services you desire, but we know your lifestyle demands more than perks that are close-to-home. By informing you of this upcoming event, we hope to inspire you to interact with your neighbors on a deeper level and just have an all-around good time.

Event Time/Date:
Thursday, September 19, 2019—6:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Holocaust Museum Houston
5401 Caroline Street
Houston, Texas 77004

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