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Check Out This DIY Project for an Autumn Wispy Wreath, the Perfect Thanksgiving Décor

Even if you choose to follow the guidelines of U.S. disease experts and host a smaller, more intimate Thanksgiving gathering, you’ll likely still want to decorate. COVID-19 or not, you refuse to let the virus dampen your spirit in that regard – hey, you’re still being as safe as possible.

As we all know, holiday decorations can get pricy between Halloween and Christmas. With household budgets tighter than ever – and you’re downtime just as free – why not invest in a seasonal DIY project and make your very own autumn wreath, just in time for Thanksgiving? That’s right – you can add a whole lot to your celebrating by adorning the front door of your apartment home with a wispy wreath!

Wispy wreaths are classic, chic, and undeniably understated. The branches of these popular wreaths are delicate and make the perfect statement for the autumn season when nature is shifting and changing for the New Year. Here is where to start with your very own DIY Autumn Wispy Wreath:


• Wispy grapevine wreath
• 1 bunch of brown long fall bushes
• 1 large orange berry bush
• 1medium-sized pumpkin
• Floral Wire
• Wired floral picks
• Floral wire cutters
• Heavy-duty scissors
• Hot glue & gun


1. Hang the grapevine wreath up and determine what will be the top and the bottom. Trim the spray, if needed, to make sure it is somewhat equal.

2. Cut all the silk branches away from the one bunch of long fall bushes, in order to be able to have them flow naturally and secure them together.

3. Add the bunches of brown long fall bushes to the wreath near the bottom spray area. Use plant wire and hot glue to stabilize and secure the silk stems onto the vines. Add the berries from the orange berry bush on the bottom of the wreath, as well.

4. Next, add your medium-sized pumpkin. When adding the pumpkin to a wreath, you need to stabilize it with a floral wood pick.

5. Finally remove the wire from the pick and push the square end into the bottom of the pumpkin at an angle. Seal around the pick with hot glue to make it strong and stable.

Whether you prefer to create new home décor or get your hands dirty outside of your apartment, Oxford at the Ranch Apartments in Waller, Texas has you covered with the coolest DIYs around!

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