Make Your Very Own Fourth of July Entertainment with These DIY Confetti Poppers

Inspiration can come from anywhere – just ask the team at Oxford at the Ranch Apartments in Waller, Texas. By passing along this information, we hope to inspire you with new ideas, projects, and goals, too.

The Fourth of July will be here before we know it! It always has a tendency to sneak up on us every year, and this year isn’t any different. Instead of heading straight for your local firework stand, if there is one available in your area, consider making your very own patriotic entertainment with these DIY Confetti Poppers. Safe, fun, and easy-to-use, this timely DIY project is the perfect addition to your Fourth of July cookout, party, or celebration. Plus, there are totally kid-friendly and will keep everyone busy beyond the typical timeframe of lighting up the sky with your standard fireworks. Take a look at the materials and instructions below to get started:

For Vessel
• 9″ Balloons
• Empty Toilet Paper Tubes
• Packing Tape
For Decorating
• Patterned paper
• Stickers
• Glitter
• Markers
• Scotch tape
For DIY Confetti
• Metallic tissue paper and/or gift bag filler
• Fringe Scissors

1. Knot the balloon, and cut off the tip. Stretch the balloon tightly around the toilet paper tube, and secure it in place with a strip of packing tape.
2. Use patterned paper, stickers, markers, and glitter to decorate the tubes. For example, wrap them with the patterned paper, then secure the paper with scotch tape. Add a few stickers, glitter, or marker drawings or writings for embellishment.
3. Use fringe scissors and quickly turn a bag of gift bag filler into shiny metallic confetti. Make at least 3 tablespoons of confetti for each tube.
4. Add the confetti to the tube by using a funnel or a rolled piece of paper to help guide the confetti into the tube, if necessary.
5. To launch the confetti, pull down on the bottom knot of the balloon, and let go! The confetti will shoot high up into the air with a loud “pop!” Happy Independence Day, America!

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