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Not Enough Closet Space in Your Closet? Here Are 5 Items That You Should Purge Now

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It’s officially the time of the year when we take stock of our belongings, declutter where we can, and clean everything from top to bottom. Yes, we’re referring to spring cleaning season! If you’re like most people, your closet is probably near the very top of the to-do list. Whether your closet is packed with items you don’t wear anymore, or stuffed with things that should be stored elsewhere, here are 5 items you can safely purge from your closet. We bet you won’t miss them at all!

Excess Hangers

Hangers may be useful, but if you have too many of them, they can take up closet space. Consider re-homing your excess hangers to another part of your home, so that they are available if you need them, or loop them together so that you can hang two garments vertically.

Out-of-Season Items

Still, have your bulky winter coats hanging in your closet? Now is a great time to move all of your out-of-season clothing and accessories to another place, like underneath your bed, in a spare room, or in a different closet. Then, when cool weather hits, do the same thing with your spring and summer clothes.

Anything You Haven’t Worn in a Year

There’s no need to hold on to unwanted gifts or old clothing that you simply aren’t into anymore. If you have a lot of things hanging in your closet that you haven’t touched in a year or more, don’t think twice about donating them.


It may make sense to keep your luggage with your clothing, but with travel bags taking up so much space, it’s better to store them elsewhere. Move them under your bed or to the highest possible point in another closet. Double your storage space by packing them with out-of-season clothing.

Sentimental Clothing

If you store your wedding dress or any other sentimental items in your closet, consider reclaiming that space by purchasing a box to keep these garments in. You can also try vacuum-sealable bags but be warned that these bags can impart a yellowish hue on your clothes. Only vacuum-seal items that you don’t mind potentially yellowing over time.

Making our residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable is a primary goal of ours at Oxford at the Ranch Apartments in Waller, Texas. We hope that these new ideas add convenience to your day-to-day routine!

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