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Tired of Blankets Piled in a Basket? This DIY Blanket Ladder Will Give Your Space Room to Breathe

Winter is the perfect weather to snuggle up in a blanket and watch movies. To do this you’re going to need some blankets and a spot to put them! But, baskets and crates can take up too much floor space, and other storage solutions, like blanket ladders, can costs upwards of a hundred dollars, if you want a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing one. Make your very own farmhouse-inspired blanket ladder with this DIY tutorial below!


• (3) 2×4 boards
• Miter saw
• Nail gun
• 2-inch nails
• Wood stain
• Wood glue
• Triangle
• Sander
• Sandpaper
• Tape measure
• Clamps


1. Cut two 6-foot pieces for the sides of your ladder and five 18-inch pieces for the rungs. Next, you’ll want to angle the bottom of the 6-foot sections to 10-degrees. You need to do this so it will be flush and level when you lean your blanket ladder against the wall when it’s finished.

2. After you cut all the wood, sand all the surfaces paying special attention to the ends that were cut until they are all nice and smooth. For a more worn look, round all the sharp edges with the sander, if you’d like.

3. Next, you will use a tape measure to mark 12-inch increments along both sides of your 6-foot pieces. These will be the spots you will nail in your rungs and must be angled at 10-degrees. Before nailing in the rungs, apply a little bit of wood glue on each end. Once the wood glue dries, it will really be what is holding your blanket ladder in place. Pop two or three nails into each end of the rung using a nail gun. Repeat for each rung.

4. To hold everything in place, use two large clamps. Set aside and wait! You’ll want your wood glue to dry a good 24-hours.

5. After your wood glue has dried, it’s time to stain your blanket ladder. Be sure to sand off any spots where the wood glue might have leaked out when you clamped your ladder.

6. Let it dry, and then it’s time to accessorize your ladder. Add a few knick-knacks, and of course, a blanket or two!

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