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3 Ways to Avoid the Thanksgiving Day Bloat

There’s no doubt about it – Thanksgiving serves up one of the most epic meals of the year. Between the juicy turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes, and sweet pecan pie, it can be difficult to resist a heaping portion of those dishes that you look forward to all year. I mean, there’s just something special about your mom’s candied sweet potato casserole, after all!

No one is a fan of the aftereffects of Thanksgiving dinner, however. It can leave you feeling sluggish, cloudy, and most of all, bloated. Believe it or not, this factor is not an inevitable part of Thanksgiving Day, and you can play it smart and still enjoy yourself – all while avoiding the usual Thanksgiving Day bloat. Not sure where to begin? Take a peek at our 3 tricks below:

Go in with a game-plan.

The mass assortment of dishes on Thanksgiving is enough to overwhelm even the most strategic of meal planners. Most people would tell you to grab a little of everything. The downfall of this suggestion lies in considering the mass scale of dishes available, and if you approach filling your plate with even a spoonful of everything, you’ll end up with a very full plate and a very bloated stomach. Instead, you should focus on the foods that you really want to eat, like that special stuffing your sister makes every year or your uncle’s killer smoked ham. This way, you can indulge in each dish that you’re looking forward to, and you’ll avoid sacrificing your stomach to yet another year of bloat and misery.

Take a walk outside.

Instead of slipping into your food coma on the living room floor to the sounds of football, you should consider getting some fresh air and taking a walk around the neighborhood. Exercise will get the blood flowing through the body and help your digestive system kick into gear. By simply walking, the food you enjoyed for the holiday will begin moving through your system, working to reduce fullness, and in turn, bloating. If you can keep the momentum up, it’s smart to take a walk the next morning, too. Sweat will help flush your system of the high amount of salt, which typically averages 3,400 milligrams on any normal day, that you consume during Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s just say that you’ll thank us later…

Nix the alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is a factor of many holiday get-togethers, but it doesn’t have to be a staple for your family if you wish to avoid it altogether. In choosing to stay away from mixed drinks, you’re able to avoid excess consumption of sugar or juice, which we certainly don’t need any more during Thanksgiving celebrations. No one wants to waste the most epic meal of the year on empty calories! Remember, you also need to sip any celebratory bubbly beverages in limited quantities, as well. These beverages will not do much to limit your bloat factor and can even make it worse. Whether you choose to nix or limit alcohol, you’ll feel a lot happier with yourself down the road for either decision.

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